Hail, the computer–poem

Hail the computer,which changed the world,

With powered info-system,fun,frolicks & game.

The gimmicks of internet wondered every one,

It has prooved the solution of every problem.


Evryone is exercising on mouse & keys,

Fumbling with language like  jawa & cobol.

hearts are  throbbing,to see windows open,

www dot com,has captured every soul.


THe grand parents feel happy to play Ramaayan’s disc,

While father wants to see share market trends.

How much Sachin scored,Babli waants to know,

Chintoo is cryingto watch Tom & Jerry with friends.


Uncle wrote a letter & clicked the printer,

Aunty is longing to know how runs the computer.

Big brother is busey in chatting his friends,

I too have to listen the songs of recent trends.


The t.v.,video games are the talks of yesterday,

For paper,books & library are gone the days.

Every street & corner is running computer classes,

But the poor Bittoo has to wear the Glasses.

                                          —Dr S B Gupta


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