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From the corners of eyes they flow,

In the sorrow & happiness they flow.

From the troubled eyes they flow,

To   tell    all  the   lies ,    they flow.

One is lost in loving memories they flow,

In the warmth of loving arms they flow.

In the lone nights & gay spring wind,

They are tales from fathoms of mind.

Sung the  saddest songs , they flow,

Hearing the sweetest melody they flow.

They are heart-throb pain with cheers,

Foe some just salted water,else they are tears.

Every time they are a different tale,

The deepest secrets of heart they unveil.

They flow for else’s cause,

Even flow one gets applause.

They are humble  power of pious soul,

May also be a sinful quest.

Since they may be the crocodile tears,

Poised for some vested interest.


poem– why destitch my pillow?

Posted in literature on अगस्त 1, 2009 by drsbg

It’s useless to destitch my pillow,

Indeed an unfruitful labour.

Only sorrow &sorrow& sorrow,

Nothing but sorrow prevail there.

My life is full of failures,

And  of useless tales.

Few are in the memories,still

Rest in the dust prevail.

My pen has no heart to write,

Eyes don’t want to read.

Since I am ashamed of,

Of various sinful deeds.

The memories like ocean currents,

Flow through beaches to soul.

Return to the fathoms soon,

Shall it be final goal.

There were darkness in the life,

And life was a great strife.

Someone brought the ray of hope,

And filled the heart with light.

Those bonded for life, went away,

The friends left midway on shore.

Flown out with winds of time,

Alas! happy days are never more.

The ache that filled the heart,

And  so much felt the foul.

And like the thorns-prick,

The pain filled breath & soul.

This is my own story,

Sounds trumpets of heart’s grief.

So much the pain itself,

Has become complexities of life.

O my first candle of light!

Let the lamps on my way ignite.

If somehow I could reach,

Can see the goal-post in night.

—-written by-Dr, shyam gupt

The story of atm

Posted in literature on मई 28, 2009 by drsbg

I am Atm, the self of everything (aii BHUTAH-in indian philosophy,the article) सर्व भूतस्यः आत्माः- the science call me -THE ATOM-(परमाणु- the ultimate paarticle),the  smallest building block of every matter. The philosophy (AHYATM in hindi) call me  ‘ATM ‘ ,theself of everything( all substances-bhoots) I am the self of even the ATOM,which is non-viable(Jadh),while I am viable(Chetan) inside the Atom, which can not act without me. I am ATM, the self.

     I exhists in nothingness. When there is neither univarse,nor ether,nor      knowledge ,nor time; nothing exhisted-exhistent or non exhistent( SAT or ASAT), I only exhiste in my ownness,with my automaticity in inactive state of energy(Chetan); where & why ,nobody knows, since I am the nothingness  itself; I come out of nothingness ( Swayambhoo), I exhist in everything( (Paribhoo), everything comes out of me. I am ATM ,the self.

     Nothingness is my absolute non-exhistant form,when I am called THE ABSOLUTE (Par brahm). This is inactive state (Akriy),before beeing (Sat or Asat) state of mine. I am called Reason of all the reasons(Kaaran brahm), without charectar( Agun),actionless(Akarma),formless( Akaayam), undestrutable(Avinashi),beyond everything(paraatpar),but see everything happening, the vision of every vision( Drishtaa). I am Cetan satta, though inactive form. I am ATM, only the absolute learned ones( Maneeshee) can know me by self kmoeledge (Atmaanubhav) & chant in form of VEDAS, I am ATM.

     When I wish to come to exhistanceto culminate the world( Bhav sankalp to create univarse,Srishti), which appears as basic prime sound-Anahad nad-in form of “”OM””; I from non exhistant par brahm,trasform to active-exhistant absolute( Sakriy sat brahm) called- absolute exhistant Atm(Parmaatma),GOD(ishwar),or Hiranygarbh; inside whome everything exhists.

      When I ,the  exhistant absolute (Hiranygarbh) with a wish to create world,think of become Many from One (Eko aham bahushyaami), the absolute non exhistent energy inside me,as Adi-nad, OM, turns into active exhistant energy ( Adi-urjaa- Adi-shakti) & MAYA,the worldly activities appears to staart forming the waves and particles ( a compex scientifico-philosophic procrss) to create Univarse–Nature(Prakriti)& Matter( Bhoot , jagat).  I enter the every particle as ATM of everything(Sarvabhootasy)-in living ,non lving every one.

      In non living ( Jadh) ,the scientists only know me upto ATOM,but I am ATM of Atom too.  In living beeings ,I enter as LIFE (Jeevan)or JEEV (Jeevatma or SOUL), and perform various acts directed by worldly sense ( MAYA)& keepon hopping intoo endless chains of births and deaths & rebirths, bounded by & accorded by own deeds, good or bad.(karm)

       wHEN DIRECTED & PURIFIED BY GOOD DEEDS, THE jEEV ( ATM in living beeing) take the birth of finest form of nature(Prakriti), –bestowed with,wisdome(Gyaan),pshyche(Manas),knowledge(Buddhi) & old genetic knowledge( Sanskaar)–,theHuman(Manav), Adam or Man . In this very birth I try to liberate & free myself from the bondage of worldly activities (MAYA), to dissolve myself  into exhistant absolute to become again, Paramatm , &  after getting the MOKSHA,the liberation from cycles of births & rebirths ,become one with Hiranygarbh , the absolute .and during dissociation of of univarse ( LAYA or Pralay- on wish of absolute to become one again )I ,the Hiranygarbh wish to become one from many ,absolve – the Nature (Prakriti),world(Maya) in myself and become the non exhistant,inactive (Asat),absolute( parbrahm),the nothingness itself. I am the ATM.









ageet a new vidhaa of poetry

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अगीत  विधा के बारे मॆ;-  (ageet is a new branch of poetry)                                                     

   अगीत विधा महा प्राण निराला से आगे मुक्त अतुकान्त छ्न्द की नवीन धारा है ,जिसने सन्क्षिप्तता  को धारण किया है; जो आज के युग की आवश्यकता  है। यह ५ से ८ पन्क्तियॊ की कविता है। यथा—

    मानव व पशु मॆं यही है अन्तर,

    पशु नहीं करता ,

    छ्लछन्द और जन्तर- मन्तर।

    शॆतान ने पशु को,

    माया सन्सार कब दिखाया था;

    ग्यान का फ़ल तो ,

    सिर्फ़ आदम ने ही खाया था।  –डा. श्याम गु्प्त

आज कल अगीत छन्द के ये भेद हैं;-(the diffrant kinds of rhymes are )

१.अगीत छन्द—उप रोक्त उदाहरण.

२.लयबद्ध- अगीत—–उदाहरण——-

     श्रेष्ठ कला का जो मन्दिर था,

     तेरे   गीत  सजा  मेरा मन,

     प्रियतम तेरी  विरह पीर में;

     पतझर सा वीरान   होगया ।

     जैसे धुन्धलाये  शब्दों की  ,

     धुन्धले अर्ध मिटे चित्रों की,

     कला बीथिका एक पुरानी ।

३.सप्त पदी गतिबद्द अगीत छन्द—सात पदों वाला ,सम मात्रिक -१६ मात्रायें,  ।

४.. लय बद्द  षट- पदी अगीत छन्द—छह पन्क्तियों वाला ,सममात्रिक ,१६ मात्रायें–

     ’पर ईश्वर है जगत नियन्ता ,

     कोई है   अपने ऊपर  भी,

     रहे तिरोहित अहम भाव सब ,

     सत्व गुणों से युत हो मानव,

     सत्यं,शिवम भाव अप नाता,

     सारा जग सुन्दर हो जाता ।

५.नव-अगीत—३ से अधिक ५ से कम पन्क्तियों वाला अमात्रिक,अतुकान्त अगीत छन्द—    आदमी ,

      इतना विषैला होगया है;

      सांप ,

      अब आस्तीन में नहीं रहते।

६.त्रिपदा-अगीत— तीन पदोंवाला,१६मात्रिक अतुकान्त अगीत  छन्द—

      प्रीति –प्यार में नया नहीं कुछ,

      वही  पुराना  किस्सा  यारो ;

      लगता शाश्वत नया-नया सा ।   

७.त्रिपदा अगीत हज़ल – त्रिपदा अगीत छन्दों की मालिका, तीन से अधिक छन्द,प्रथम छन्द के तीनों पदों के अन्त मैं वही शब्द पुनराव्रत्ति, बाकी छन्दों की अन्तिम पन्क्ति मैं वही शब्द आव्रत्ति—

       लाख बद्दुआयें   दीं  दिल से,

       बहुत चाहा   न चाहें दिल से;

       पर न निकल पाये वो दिल से   


       सोचा चले जायें महफ़िल से,

       यह न होगा अब तो दिल से;

       बुलाया जो आप्ने दिल से ।


       लाख दुआ करे ये दुनिया,

       मन्नतें माने ’श्याम’ दुनिया;

       न निकल पायें आपके दिल से।



                                  —  डा. श्याम गुप्त ।

raadhaa-krishn preyar

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Memories–a poem

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Through the campusof staff college ,

Beneath the trees I pass,

To reach in time,

Foe manegement class.


The memories of college ,

Struck my mind;

Like a revolution,

Of cyclonic wind.


The friends ,the gossips,

The classroom heats;

Sweet-sour memories,

Of functions and treats.


The  memories of,

Sports & fetes,

Of unsolved issues,

And sweet-sour dates,


What memories are ,

When I think apart ,

These are books,magazinesor discs,

In the library of HEARTS.


We can open them up,

In the secret hours lane;

To live those forgotten,

Moments again.

                                     Dr. S B Gupta

A poem on pollution-Plastikasur.

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 The priest read the stars & wondered,

“Time of reincarnation ‘, he thundered.

My young daughter-inqusive and bold,

Smiled in amazement& thus she told,

“Since our childhood,we have heared,

when Demon is born, in this world;.

The GOD incarnet ,make everythig fair.

Nowadays on earth no,no demon dwell,

Why incarnation of God do stars foretell?”

The priest grumbled& closed his book,

Rearranged his Uttariya with a serccutic look;

THe ASUR  is born , the priestthus told;

Of extreme lust for worldly yealds,

Of people at large from every field.

Breath still there many dreaded Asurs,

Most seen highheaded PLASTICASUR.

THEplastic the pulse of our civilization,

Have brought our life a colourful passion;

His magical clutches in an auspcious way,

Engulf the world in pollution,like spiders pray;

The icon of luxury & fulfilment,

Is today a CANCER of environment.

                   —Poem by Dr, shyam gupta(from kavy- muktamrat )