scientific method of defecating ….indian( squetting )v/swestwrn( sitting ) posture–dr shyam gupt s

Health problems associated with 90-degrees defecation posture associated with sitting on toilets..

———– there will be a shift in the West away from sitting toilets and towards squatting toilets in the not-too-distant =======Indian system of defecation.

——-Narrow ano-rectal angle caused by sitting in a 90-degrees defecation posture necessitates considerable straining to empty the bowel, around three times more straining than the squatting position common outside of the West.

———-Excessive straining during a bowel movement can cause a rectal prolapse in some circumstances as well as life-threatening conditions such as cerebral haemorrhege and myocardial infarction. Other ailments caused or exacerbated by straining the bowel during defecation include constipation, diverticulitis, haemorrhoids and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. There are possible links between excessive straining during bowel movements and colon cancer

————-Benefits of the 35-degrees defecation posture.——

——The squatting defecation posture, usually occurring at a 35-degree angle, that is the cultural norm in many non-Western societies is considered by most health professionals to be a healthier, more natural than emptying the bowels in the sitting position.
———————–Advantages of squatting at 35-degrees during defecation stands from decreased strain on the puborectalis muscle and increased anorectal angle allowing stool to pass without obstruction. Less straining results in fewer health issues although it seems unlikely

—————— Using a foot-stool helps to adopt a healthier 35-degrees defecation position.

Drshyam Gupta's photo.
Drshyam Gupta's photo.
Drshyam Gupta's photo.
Drshyam Gupta's photo.
Drshyam Gupta's photo.

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