( Dr Shyam gupta )
The much discussed subject of today has been well described in the worls oldest literature, The Rigved, glimpses of the same can be seen in following verses–

Defining Doctors-
The verse 10/97/6 says–  ” यस्तेषधी: समsमत राजान: समिता विव । विप्र स उच्यते भिषुगुक्षोहामीव चातनः ॥”  it means , One who posess medicine is called physician and all around whome the medicins reach like people around a king; learned call him physician. He only can relieve the sick and diseased. Hence Doctors well versed in all the faculties can only be able to treat better & successfully.
Responsibilities of Doctors—

1. Treating sick persons– verse 8/22/6512 says–” साभिर्नो  मक्षू तूयमश्विना गतं  भिष्ज्यतम  यदातुरम |’  means  O ashvini kumaars !( The  doctors  ), you are well versed to protect and promote the welfare, maintainance  & supply system of society; with same efficacy and keenness also attend and treat the sick people in emergencies.
2. Welfare–The verse 8/22/6506 says—“युवोरथस्य परिचक्रमीयत इमान्य द्वामिषण्यति । अस्मा अच्छा सुमतिर्वा सुभस्पती आधेनुरिव धावति ॥”— The one wheel of divine chariot( Divy rath—health & care system) of Ashvini kumars remain with them and other in the world. His wisdom like cows  is for the welfare of people. Hence the Doctors should keep themselves well aware of the problems of society at large & be ready to put themselves  to service of society.

3. Home visits by doctors —The verse 8/5/6100 says– ” महिष्ठां वाज्सातमेषयन्ता शुभस्पती गन्तारा दाषुषो गृहम |”   Ashvini kumaars themselves attend at the residense of the noble peoples for their welfare.
4.Self visits — according to verse 8/5/6117–“कदां वा तोग्र्यो विधत्समुद्रोजहितो नरा । यद्वा रथो विभिथतात ॥’” o ashvini kumars ! drowned  in the ocean (of sickness )
was the Bhujyu ( A king ) who never called you for help ,but you saved him by reaching on his own. ..The doctor , if comes to knoe about diseased person from any source, should exend help even without called.
Responsibilities of sick & public towards Doctors—-
1. ashvini kumars The physician God duo , is prayed  in rig ved ( 10/97/6130) as ..”धीजवना नासत्या..” The God like ones own wisdome & truth. The words & advises  of the doctors , should be believed & accepted by the people as his own wisdom and final truth. They must be relied upon.
2. As par rig ved 10/97/4. which read…”औषधीरिति मातरस्तद्वो देवीरूप ब्रुवे । सनेयंअश्वं गां वास आत्मानां तब पूरुषः ॥”  Medicines are like mother bestowed with super powers;  O physician ! I offer you cows, horses,clothings & even myself. The services of Doctors can not match with any cost.

———- Dr Shyam Gupta.


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