From the corners of eyes they flow,

In the sorrow & happiness they flow.

From the troubled eyes they flow,

To   tell    all  the   lies ,    they flow.

One is lost in loving memories they flow,

In the warmth of loving arms they flow.

In the lone nights & gay spring wind,

They are tales from fathoms of mind.

Sung the  saddest songs , they flow,

Hearing the sweetest melody they flow.

They are heart-throb pain with cheers,

Foe some just salted water,else they are tears.

Every time they are a different tale,

The deepest secrets of heart they unveil.

They flow for else’s cause,

Even flow one gets applause.

They are humble  power of pious soul,

May also be a sinful quest.

Since they may be the crocodile tears,

Poised for some vested interest.


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