the immortal love —moon & chakor

o chakor!

why you keep on looking ,

lovingly,towards MOON ?

It ‘s far away, not approachable;

Why you keep on entangled

The bondage of your heart,still.

The depth of love is immeasureable,

The chakor thus uttered the syllable;-

The hope of  ,

acceptance of love by loved ones

Make the heart sing & dance.

It does’nt mean if

They are near to each other

Or far away.

The lovers talks in various way.

In eyes to eyes

In hearts to hearts

Through clauds or rain or a dove,

And that is what it’s called the love.

Love is not only to get,

Those who don’t get, really get,

To each other one may forget;

To  immortal love  one  never forget.


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