The story of atm

I am Atm, the self of everything (aii BHUTAH-in indian philosophy,the article) सर्व भूतस्यः आत्माः- the science call me -THE ATOM-(परमाणु- the ultimate paarticle),the  smallest building block of every matter. The philosophy (AHYATM in hindi) call me  ‘ATM ‘ ,theself of everything( all substances-bhoots) I am the self of even the ATOM,which is non-viable(Jadh),while I am viable(Chetan) inside the Atom, which can not act without me. I am ATM, the self.

     I exhists in nothingness. When there is neither univarse,nor ether,nor      knowledge ,nor time; nothing exhisted-exhistent or non exhistent( SAT or ASAT), I only exhiste in my ownness,with my automaticity in inactive state of energy(Chetan); where & why ,nobody knows, since I am the nothingness  itself; I come out of nothingness ( Swayambhoo), I exhist in everything( (Paribhoo), everything comes out of me. I am ATM ,the self.

     Nothingness is my absolute non-exhistant form,when I am called THE ABSOLUTE (Par brahm). This is inactive state (Akriy),before beeing (Sat or Asat) state of mine. I am called Reason of all the reasons(Kaaran brahm), without charectar( Agun),actionless(Akarma),formless( Akaayam), undestrutable(Avinashi),beyond everything(paraatpar),but see everything happening, the vision of every vision( Drishtaa). I am Cetan satta, though inactive form. I am ATM, only the absolute learned ones( Maneeshee) can know me by self kmoeledge (Atmaanubhav) & chant in form of VEDAS, I am ATM.

     When I wish to come to exhistanceto culminate the world( Bhav sankalp to create univarse,Srishti), which appears as basic prime sound-Anahad nad-in form of “”OM””; I from non exhistant par brahm,trasform to active-exhistant absolute( Sakriy sat brahm) called- absolute exhistant Atm(Parmaatma),GOD(ishwar),or Hiranygarbh; inside whome everything exhists.

      When I ,the  exhistant absolute (Hiranygarbh) with a wish to create world,think of become Many from One (Eko aham bahushyaami), the absolute non exhistent energy inside me,as Adi-nad, OM, turns into active exhistant energy ( Adi-urjaa- Adi-shakti) & MAYA,the worldly activities appears to staart forming the waves and particles ( a compex scientifico-philosophic procrss) to create Univarse–Nature(Prakriti)& Matter( Bhoot , jagat).  I enter the every particle as ATM of everything(Sarvabhootasy)-in living ,non lving every one.

      In non living ( Jadh) ,the scientists only know me upto ATOM,but I am ATM of Atom too.  In living beeings ,I enter as LIFE (Jeevan)or JEEV (Jeevatma or SOUL), and perform various acts directed by worldly sense ( MAYA)& keepon hopping intoo endless chains of births and deaths & rebirths, bounded by & accorded by own deeds, good or bad.(karm)

       wHEN DIRECTED & PURIFIED BY GOOD DEEDS, THE jEEV ( ATM in living beeing) take the birth of finest form of nature(Prakriti), –bestowed with,wisdome(Gyaan),pshyche(Manas),knowledge(Buddhi) & old genetic knowledge( Sanskaar)–,theHuman(Manav), Adam or Man . In this very birth I try to liberate & free myself from the bondage of worldly activities (MAYA), to dissolve myself  into exhistant absolute to become again, Paramatm , &  after getting the MOKSHA,the liberation from cycles of births & rebirths ,become one with Hiranygarbh , the absolute .and during dissociation of of univarse ( LAYA or Pralay- on wish of absolute to become one again )I ,the Hiranygarbh wish to become one from many ,absolve – the Nature (Prakriti),world(Maya) in myself and become the non exhistant,inactive (Asat),absolute( parbrahm),the nothingness itself. I am the ATM.










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