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just thinking

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people usually talk about -positive thinking-negative thinking. in my vieu it must be the just thinking -ie right thing to think. foe example–a common given examp.–the container with water–is half full ,is positive thinking & half empty, is negative one.

      now the just thinking should be -why the container ia half ful,either the person is only that much thirsty & and does not want to care further,or he is gumbling for more ; or whythe the container is half empty-either there is shortage of water and the person is saving water by not to take full container and through the rest.

        so if to think just  lets the person reasonably,think , and to act justifiably, and justify his act.


raadhaa-krishn preyar

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aatank kee fasal

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टूट्ते आईने सा हर व्यक्ति यहां क्यों है


हैरान सी नज़रों में ये अक्स यहां क्यों है।

दौदता नज़र आये इन्सान यहां हरदम



इक ज़द्दो ज़हद में हर शख्श यहां क्यों है।

वो हंसते हुए गुलसन चेहरे कहां गये



हर चेहरे पै खोफ़ का ये नक्श यहां क्यों है।

गुलज़ार रहते थे सदा गली बाग चौराहे



वीराना सा आज हर वक्त यहां क्यों है।

तुलसी सूर गालिव की ज़मीं ये श्याम



आतन्क की फ़सल सरसव्ज यहां क्यों है॥

lamps and life

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let the lampslight,life comes to be bright.

let the candles of hope,happiness &harmony ignite.


think of me ,my dear!,when you light a light.

think of me ,mydear!,when you pray in the night.


the darkness of your heart,the loneliness of dark;

in the wilderness of thoughts,let the hope spark.


here comes the dawn of hope,to do away this night,

let the lamps light, life comes to be bright.       —

                  —–Dr. S B Gupta”s poem–

Memories–a poem

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Through the campusof staff college ,

Beneath the trees I pass,

To reach in time,

Foe manegement class.


The memories of college ,

Struck my mind;

Like a revolution,

Of cyclonic wind.


The friends ,the gossips,

The classroom heats;

Sweet-sour memories,

Of functions and treats.


The  memories of,

Sports & fetes,

Of unsolved issues,

And sweet-sour dates,


What memories are ,

When I think apart ,

These are books,magazinesor discs,

In the library of HEARTS.


We can open them up,

In the secret hours lane;

To live those forgotten,

Moments again.

                                     Dr. S B Gupta

A poem on pollution-Plastikasur.

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 The priest read the stars & wondered,

“Time of reincarnation ‘, he thundered.

My young daughter-inqusive and bold,

Smiled in amazement& thus she told,

“Since our childhood,we have heared,

when Demon is born, in this world;.

The GOD incarnet ,make everythig fair.

Nowadays on earth no,no demon dwell,

Why incarnation of God do stars foretell?”

The priest grumbled& closed his book,

Rearranged his Uttariya with a serccutic look;

THe ASUR  is born , the priestthus told;

Of extreme lust for worldly yealds,

Of people at large from every field.

Breath still there many dreaded Asurs,

Most seen highheaded PLASTICASUR.

THEplastic the pulse of our civilization,

Have brought our life a colourful passion;

His magical clutches in an auspcious way,

Engulf the world in pollution,like spiders pray;

The icon of luxury & fulfilment,

Is today a CANCER of environment.

                   —Poem by Dr, shyam gupta(from kavy- muktamrat )